On Friday, 18 January 2019, a new era has begun in the Riebeek Cellars’ proud winemaking tradition with their new company name, Riebeek Valley Wine Co. They hosted a successful and informative launch at their cellar to inaugurate their new name to the public and trade.

“Today we provide many winemakers from around the world with the unique flavours of the Swartland in very specific ways.  A very different picture than the one twenty-five years ago, where most of the wines was destined for the commodity market”, says Andre Engelbrecht, CEO of Riebeek Wine Valley Co. “Our dream is to collaborate with individual Swartland producers and unlock the full potential of our wine experts in bringing you the highest quality, highly specialised products and services according to your specific needs.”

Established in 1941, Riebeek Wine Valley Co. has always been authentically Wine of Origin Swartland. They have a passion for this unique landscape and for the people of the Riebeek Valley. Through close collaboration with their community, they are devoted to bringing the exceptional flavours of the Swartland to consumers around the world.

“Riebeek Valley Wine Co. is committed to become the change we want to see”, says Alecia Boshoff, head of Wine and Production for Riebeek Valley Wine Co. “We’ve been developing a new company strategy that is focussed on sustainability through true collaboration”.

Riebeek Valley Wine Co. plans significant investment towards becoming a leading Boutique Wine Services Company. They will now provide an extensive range of products and services to the South African and global wine industry. With individual family producers, throughout the Swartland wine region, and their team of wine experts, Riebeek Valley Wine Co. is well positioned to drive sustainable growth in the wine industry.

They are committed to supply their clients with the highest-quality, highly specialised products and services, according to individual needs. Welcome to the Riebeek Valley Family – Guardians of the Swartland, Custodians of Quality.

For more information or queries, please call 022 448 1213 or email